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How do I contact you
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You are always more than welcome to write us an email at, or call our Head of Customer Success, Pernille Østergaard, on +45 2710 2931.

How do I add more clients/brands
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You can request your brand data by writing an email to us directly, after which we will make sure your data is added to the system. If the data is already in the system, go to the console and under your brand you will find a blue button that says ‘add new’.

How do I add Online Brand Protection
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Online Brand Protection will be available by contacting the Rightly team, so we can generate the best solution for your brand and your specific needs.

How do I create a portfolio report in the console
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You can create a report in 2 ways. The first option is in the Rightly platform, under ‘trademarks’, ‘designs’ or ‘copyrights’ there is a button in the upper right corner where you can create and download a pdf or Excel spreadsheet. The other option is to go into your console, then under ‘matters’ you will have the same options.

How do I add my IP Rights
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Rightly handles the collection of data, so get in touch with us and we will collect the data for you. It may involve a transfer of data from your own source, an official database or from a network of lawyers.

How do I change the password for a user
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You can control your team and their passwords in the Rightly console, under ‘client management’.

Where do my brand’s IP rights come from
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We collect them from public databases around the world. This way, we can access to around 90% of your portfolio. We also have the option to contact your lawyer to retrieve your portfolio and upload it to the Rightly system.

How do I manage notifications
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Go to your profile. In the top right corner you will be able to control which notifications we send you.

How do I control my team’s access
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Under ‘Client Management’, you will be able to control your team. Select each user and grant them access to the areas they need.

What happens when I press ‘takedown’
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When you press ‘takedown’ in the Rightly platform, we start the process of removing the infringement. We do this by contacting the marketplace, social media site or domain owner directly.

How can the renewal costs be so low
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We have worked tirelessly on optimising our workflow and built-in automations, which limit the need for human hands. By combining our digital processing power with the network of trusted lawyers from around the world, all handling is done as expediently and efficiently as possible.

Why can’t I add more users
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Your user limit depends on your chosen plan – the Free plan is limited to one user only and the Pro plan is limited to 10 users. The Enterprise plan has unlimited users.

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